Triangle in Motion

1982-85 (renovated 2000)
Installation in three parts:
The Map
The Machine
The Material

Kassel Kunstverein 1985
Kassel Kunstverein 1985

Three partly overlapping glass plates rotate at different speeds, each show twelve 6×6 cm slides. They are to be seen in a backlit area of 6×6 cm where they overlap when the machine is set in motion by a pedal. The viewer might try to decipher each of the twelve slides on each of the three glass plates. The viewer might succeed in watching each of it while the machine is stopped – but the light from the back is off. Once the machine is set in motion and the plates are rotating at different speed they create 12x12x12 combinations, backlit but quickly moving.
Once the viewer stops the rotation to watch and decipher, the light goes out.
There is  no chance to reach awareness…

The Material
Detail: The Symbols / Signs


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